About the Library


Barrington Public Library provides free access to empowering, life-enriching knowledge—your community hub for discovery and connection. 


Helping to create a thriving community where everyone can live their best life.  


The library adheres to the American Library Association's policies regarding freedom of access. This includes:

We uphold the principles of intellectual freedom, the citizen’s right to information, the right to the confidentiality of users’ records, and oppose censorship.



The Library Board of Trustees oversees the operation, care, maintenance and finances of Barrington Public Library. The members of the Library Trustees are appointed by the Town Council to three year terms. They meet on the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm in the library (and on Zoom during the pandemic).


Meeting minutes are available to view on website of the RI Secretary of State's office.



GOAL 1—Position Barrington Public Library as an essential community resource.  

GOAL 2—Build organizational resilience and sustainability. 

GOAL 3—Create an organization-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

GOAL 4—Be a learning, innovative organization. 

Read more about our strategies to achieve these goals.  



Barrington Public Library embarked on a strategic planning process in April 2020, requiring community interviews, public surveys, and research into best practices.  

The interviews included community partners, board members from the Friends of Barrington Public Library and the Board of Trustees, municipal government partners, patrons, library staff, teachers, and parents. 

The public survey attracted 468 responses—a tremendous reflection of the important impact of the library on the community. 



  • Barrington Public Library is highly regarded within the community and holds the responsibility to continue to earn its trust and respect. 

  • The library is a community gathering place—known as the “hub” of the town. 

  • The library is seen as a place of equity and access. 

  • Although library funding is adequate at this time, there may be future threats to funding for services and programs. 

  • Nationally accepted guiding principles for public libraries promote a responsibility for diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

  • The library reinforces and supports the private and public school system. 

  • At this time, the library has successfully met the challenges of the pandemic; however, the library should develop contingencies in cases of other disruptive events. 

  • Library meeting space is highly valued. 

  • The public believes that the library should have a role in fostering interaction among generations, developing ways to reach vulnerable communities, and improving cultural awareness. 

Members of 2021-2025
BPL Strategic Planning Committee

Kris Chin, Library Director
Doug Swiszcz, Assistant Director
Jessica D'Avanza, Community Engagement Librarian (former)
Patrick Elliot, Technology Coordinator
Benjamin Hanley, Head of Information Services
Lisa Lesinski, Head of Children's Services 
Tanya Paglia, Teen Librarian
Vince Wicker, Library Trustee
Cindy Elder, Library Trustee
Empower Success Corps consultants, Mary Tafuri Ross, Vicky Wicks, Lorraine Hynes

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