More Myself: A Journey by Alicia Keys

Fri, 09/11/2020 - 4:00pm -- BHanley

More Myself: A Journey by Alicia Keys (with Michelle Burford)  is part-memoir, part-autobiography, and part-documentary of the life of Alicia Keys. You mostly know her from The Voice and from her extensive musical catalog, which includes songs like "Fallin'," "If I Ain't Got You," "Empire State of Mind" (with Jay-Z), and "Girl on Fire." Alicia takes you on a journey of herself from her childhood to entering college early, assembling her first music album, becoming a celebrity, and coaching new talent on The Voice. Alicia also gives keen insight into her songwriting and her personal relationships. Alicia (Ali to her close friends) is an old soul and it's apparent in her writing, especially when she talks about her life-changing experience traveling to Egypt in the mid-2000s. I listened to the audiobook because, of course, I wanted to hear Alicia. I'm so glad I did because, as I had hoped, she included songs and musical pieces. All those lyrics or songs mentioned in the memoir? She sings them! All these years after Alicia first came on the scene, I'm still wowed by her talent, her vision, and her humanity. 

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