Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

Mon, 10/26/2020 - 9:49am -- BHanley

What better book to pick up for the spooky October season than Home Before Dark by Riley Sager? Maggie Holt’s father has recently died and left her a surprise in his will: Baneberry Hall. Maggie is shocked as she thought the home had been sold years ago, especially after her family’s harrowing and supernatural experience living there. Her family’s time was documented in her father’s fictional book titled, House of Horrors, and this book and the house has dogged Maggie all her life. And now it’s hers. A self-employed restorer of old homes (born out of her history, perhaps), Maggie Holt has struggled to maintain a normal life since the book’s publication. Determined to flip the house for a decent sale, Maggie returns to Baneberry Hall and enlists the help of a local neighbor to make the necessary improvements. However, things quickly start to get unnerving and ghostly. Home Before Dark is the ideal companion for a lost weekend of cool weather, warm blankets, and a hot chocolate.   

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