LIFE CAN CHANGE AT THE LIBRARY!!Recently a woman approached the...

Mon, 02/25/2008 - 3:09pm -- JDavanza


Recently a woman approached the Reference Desk and asked if anyone knew how she could contact local area animal shelters, dog pounds or any other source that could help her and her husband find a dog, preferably of a smaller size as all their attempts had been met by people offering breeds that were much larger than they could handle.

We referred them to the current edition of the Barrington Times and informed that usually a pet was highlighted each week in addition to a very comprehensive listing of animals shelters.

The couple returned to the library just a few days ago and were thrilled and happy that they had located a Cocker Spaniel at a private residence and explained that if we had not pointed them in the right direction they would never had found this “just perfect pet”. A truly warm feeling was shared by all and brought genuine smiles all the way around.

This is not a picture of their dog but we’ll bet it is just as cute!! 

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