Wed, 08/06/2008 - 4:15pm -- JDavanza

Books, books and more books

How would you like to stay up-to-date on your reading by receiving a variety of email newsletters ranging from author interviews, to award-winning teen and children’s books, to lists of great new titles on different subjects? With BookLetters, the Library's readers advisory service on books and authors, you can do just that.

By signing up for BookLetters you’ll gain access to such features as online book discussions, the hottest new titles and authors, professional reviews of the titles you want to know about, and even the newest books and other materials that we’ve added to our collections here at the Library

For each book, you can view the cover art, read a brief description, and click on the “more” link for a full description. You can also click on “check the library catalog” to see if a copy is on the shelf, and to place a reserve if no copies are available.

And this service is absolutely free!

Why not “get connected” today, so that when you’re at your next social engagement, you can impress other guests with how much you know about all of the new titles being published? It’s as easy as signing up to receive as many email newsletters as you like, and then waiting for them to appear in your inbox (most newsletters are updated once a month).

Click here to get started then follow the link to Newsletter Signup (the newsletter called NEW MATERIALS is the one that will update you on all of the Library’s new books and audiobooks).

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