American War by Omar El Akkad

Wed, 10/04/2017 - 1:59pm -- JGranatino

In a dystopian future set in 2074, global warming has caused seas to rise, obliterating Florida and most of what we know as the American continental shoreline. Omar El Akkad has imagined a second Civil War, fought over fossil fuel and told through the eyes of Benjamin Chestnut. His aunt Sara T, known as Sarat, is only 6 years old when her father was killed by a suicide bomber, her family escaping to a refugee camp in the South (the Red zone) known as “Patience”. A few years later, the camp is overtaken by Blue (North) soldiers who kill her mother and leave her brother for dead while Sarat hid out with twin sister Dana. Recruited by a southern sympathizer, Sarat is trained for vengeance, not only for her country, but for her family. 

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