Grist Mill Road by Christopher J. Yates

Mon, 04/23/2018 - 2:37pm -- JGranatino

In the 1980s, in rural upstate New York, three young teens are bound together for life by a terrible secret. Matthew is the leader, an edgy, brilliant, but troubled boy with an abusive home life; Patrick is shyer and more conventional, a born follower; and Hannah is an innocent girl whose crush on a “bad boy” leads her into places darker than she could have imagined. The story begins with a disturbing act of violence, then flashes forward to 2008. Hannah is a crime reporter married to Patrick, who loses his job in the recession and turns to food blogging. Their already shaky marriage (Patrick is keeping an important secret from Hannah) is further threatened when Matthew--now mysteriously wealthy, despite his shaky start in life--comes back into their lives. Nothing in Grist Mill Road is as it seems, and the insanely twisty plot takes readers down some truly grim paths. This cinematic thriller will appeal to fans of film noir and gritty mysteries like Mystic River and The Girl on the Train, but be warned: scenes of graphic violence and elements of child abuse and pedophilia make this Road a tough one to take.

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