Hum If You Don't Know The Words by Bianca Marais

Mon, 04/23/2018 - 3:45pm -- JGranatino

Set in 1970s Johannesburg, this is a story of the apartheid era in South Africa. The novel is told through the point of view of a white child going on ten years old named Robin and a black woman named Beauty. Due to the set circumstances they're living under they shouldn't have crossed paths, but the events of their lives have brought them together. Robin becomes an orphan after her parents are killed on a night out due to the Soweto Uprising and she is sent to live with her aunt Edith. As a result of the uprising, Beauty's daughter is missing, and while searching for her she is hired to watch after Robin. As the two develop a strong bond, Robin begins to fear losing Beauty if she finds her daughter.  Hum if You Don't Know the Words is a beautiful and thought provoking story that examines racism, humanity, grief, and family that will stay with you long after it's read. 

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