The Birds at My Table: why we feed wild birds and why it matters by Darryl Jones

Mon, 06/25/2018 - 1:29pm -- JGranatino

An avid bird feeder himself, Jones explores the long history of wild bird feeding and the many controversies surrounding it. Does it hamper birds’ ability to forage for food themselves, spread avian diseases, attract predators or encourage pests? Should birds only be fed in the winter time or year round? Are the commonly used seeds appropriate for nestlings? Is the quality of the seed mix  good and free of toxins? How does feeding affect various bird populations and does it encourage more aggressive or undesirable species? What are the ecological ramifications? And how does this simple act of recognizing and bonding with nature and the animals around us actually make a difference our own lives and sense of well-being? The author, a Professor at Griffith University and Deputy Director of the Environmental Futures Research Institute, has provided much “food for thought” in his very thorough and nuanced discussion of a topic which proves to be surprisingly complex.

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