The Collector's Apprentice by B.A. Shapiro

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 3:14pm -- JGranatino

In the summer of 1922, young Paulien Mertens is alone and on the run after her fiancé, George Everard, has run off with millions invested in a bogus business venture. Believing she had knowledge of his schemes, her family has cut ties with her and she is in fear of being arrested. Her background and expertise in Post-Impressionist art will get her a position in an art gallery, but she will have to reinvent herself to disguise her past. As Vivienne Gregsby, she is offered a job with a wealthy American art collector, Edwin Bradley and leaves for Philadelphia, where Bradley is setting up an exclusive museum/school for the appreciation of “new” artists such as Matisse, Picasso and Cezanne. Meanwhile her former fiancé has other plans which involve forgery and art theft. And murder? With twists and turns at every chapter, Shapiro has created another memorable historical art thriller.

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