Night of Miracles by Elizabeth Berg

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 9:33am -- JGranatino

Elizabeth Berg has written a lovely sequel to her bestselling novel, The Story of Arthur Truluv. In the little town of Mason, Missouri, Lucille Howard has begun teaching baking classes to her enthusiastic followers. Her following has become so popular that she hires a newcomer, Iris, to be her assistant. Every night Lucille falls asleep hoping to dream of her lost love, Frank, but recently – to her irritation – an angel of death keeps appearing in her dreams and she keeps sending him on his way. She still lives in the house of Arthur Truluv who willed the place to Maddy and her daughter, Nola, who calls her Grandma. Iris has also experienced heartbreak and hopes to build a new life in this sleepy town. Tiny, a master-of-all trades, is in love with Monica, who works as a waitress at the Henhouse Café but cannot muster the courage to tell her. Monica is also in love with Tiny, but thinks he’s in love with Iris. Lucille’s neighbors are going through a cancer scare, and Lucille volunteers to watch their son Link after school, adding to her extended family. With humor and grace, Berg portrays everyday life in the little community, who come together in times of tragedy to support one another. A truly heartwarming tale.

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