NOS4A2 By Joe Hill

Mon, 06/24/2019 - 1:40pm -- JGranatino

Take a ride with Charlie Manx to Christmasland! A wonderland for children where every day is Christmas and unhappiness is against the law! Using his special Rolls Royce Wraith, Charlie Manx “rescues” children from their parents and drives them to Christmasland. Strange things happen to both Manx and the children as they travel through the snowy hidden highways. Meanwhile, young Victoria McQueen discovers that riding her bike through a special bridge allows her to find missing things. On a trip through the bridge, Vic meets Maggie, a librarian who understands the connection between Vic and Manx. With Vic’s uncanny ability to find things, she is the only one who can help find these children and their evil chauffeur.

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