Dear Wife by Kimberly Belle

Fri, 01/31/2020 - 1:07pm -- JGranatino

If you enjoyed Sleeping With the Enemy, this is the book for you!  

Beth Murphy is on the run from her abusive husband, trying to hide her tracks and start a new life for herself. Sabine Hardison, a prominent realtor in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, is missing and her husband, Jeffrey is the main suspect in her disappearance. Marcus, a seasoned detective, is on Sabine's case. He knows Jeffrey has something to hide and won't stop until he figures out what. 

Told from the perspectives of Beth, Jeffrey, and Marcus in alternating chapters, Dear Wife is a story of non-stop twists and turns and layers of mystery, culminating in a electrifying yet satisfying ending.

Submitted by staff member Siobhan Egan

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