One By One by Ruth Ware

Wed, 10/07/2020 - 12:38pm -- SEgan

When the staff of a popular music app, Snoop, attend a company retreat at a beautiful, rustic mountain chalet in France, they were hoping for a weekend of mindfulness and bonding while skiing and cozying up around the fire. But when one of their group goes missing after an avalanche hits and two more turn up dead, the group finds themselves in an Agatha Christie-like murder mystery plot. 

Who do you trust when everyone has a secret and will do anything to survive?

Although atmospheric and well-paced, Ware’s new book, One By One unfortunately falls flat. It suffers from having too many characters to keep track of and a too obvious twist in the making. Ware fans may still enjoy the book, but it is not her best. For those new to Ruth Ware, we would recommend The Death of Mrs. WestawayTurn of the Key, or In a Dark Dark Wood all by the author instead.

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