Free Soil Testing with URI Master Gardeners

How healthy is your soil? Get it tested with the URI Master Gardeners who will be at the library on Saturday, April 21 from 9 am to noon. The test will find out its pH, and help you decide how you can make your soil better. Prepare a sample using the following steps:

1. Dig eight scoops of dirt from the area you want to test.

2. Put the scoops in a quart baggie and mix.

3. Take one cup of dirt out of the baggie and air dry.

4. When the dirt is dry, put it in a sandwich baggie.

5. Label the baggie with a permanent marker, i.e. front lawn, vegetable garden, etc.

6. Bring up to two samples, and enjoy the library while your soil is tested. Your results will be ready in about 1/2 hour.

Free and open to all.