Life Goes On: The Music of David Dodson

Life Goes On is the latest release from Maine's David Dodson.

If you’ve never been to a David Dodson concert, you are probably in for more than you bargained for. His original songs range from heartfelt to hilarious, from love songs, folk ballads and highly original rock to goofball humor and mischievous social commentary.  He’s an energetic, soulful and funny performer and writes in many styles.  You’ll hear a sweet song about marriage, take a satirical look at the Maine hunting season, ride along on the wagon with a thoughtful country tinged tune about enjoying beer a little too much, hear a Midwest travelogue, a tribute to his cat, a treatise on death and money,and sing along with a chorus of local folks on his internationally known secular hymn, “The Farthest Field”.  People say they feel an energized glow after a David Dodson concert, and it stands to reason; his songs tell such great stories and he enjoys playing them so much you can’t help but get swept along.

David Dodson writes great songs that run the gamut of American styles-folk, rock, blues, jazz and country.  They cover a variety of topics and range from poignant to hilarious.  He plays a mean guitar, tells a good story, sings like a bird, and he's got rhythm.  Who could ask for anything more? 

He has shared the stage with KD Lang, Bill Staines, Ramblin Jack Elliot, Gordon Bok, Dougie MacLean, The Persuasions, Greg Brown, Joe Ely, Marchia Ball, Sha Na Na, Chicago, and the Flying Burrito Brothers.  He was a winner of the "New Folk"  contest at the Kerrville Folk Festival.

Free and open to all.
Sponsored by the Friends of Barrington Public Library.

Event Location: 
Salem Family Auditorium (Second Floor)