The Inner Journey of Being a Parent: A Five-Week Workshop

Barrington Public Library invites parents to register for a five-week workshop on The Inner Journey of Being a Parent. This class is a time to explore with others how being a parent impacts our own inner development.  As our children grow into unique human beings, we gain our own opportunity to grow and transform.  We experience our own rewards and disappointments, and inevitably, come face to face with unconscious beliefs about our kids and ourselves.  In each class there will be a meditation, a teaching about a reading, time for personal inquiries and explorations, and discussion. Led by Greg Knight.

Class participants will receive a free copy of Soul Without Shame by Byron Brown. Readings from Spacecruiser Inquiry by A.H. Almaas will also be provided.

Week 1 (Oct 2): Continually Open. Seeing and experiencing everything - your kids, your family, and yourself - freshly.

Week 2 (Oct 9): Bold Aliveness.  Having the courage as a parent to change and expand.

Week 3 (Oct 16): The Charge of Anger. Frustration in parenting and the challenge of staying with your experience.  

Week 4 (Oct 23): Loving Kindness.  Being with the hurts and pains in parenting.

Week 5 (Oct 30): Joyful Curiosity.  A playful spirit lightens the work of parenting.

Greg Knight is a Diamond Approach teacher, bodyworker and movement teacher.  He has been a foster parent, and is a parent to three of his own kids ages 18, 15 and 3. Greg works with individuals and groups in RI and throughout the US.

Free and open to adults. Register below. Space is limited.

Sponsored by Friends of Barrington Public Library

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Residential Properties Meeting Room (Second Floor)
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