Meet the Author: Gluten & Gluten Free Cooking in Perfect Harmony (Books 1 & 2)

Meet the author Lucie Cote Contente for a recipe tasting and signing of her books, Gluten & Gluten-Free Cooking in Perfect Harmony  and Gluten & Gluten Free Cooking in Perfect Harmony Take 2 published by Outskirts Press.

What makes this book different from other gluten free books is that the recipes are written for everyone---people with and without gluten issues.

The cookbook contains delicious meals made the original way, while incorporating a new cooking technique for people with food allergies. This is done by creating one recipe for the whole family with one little tweak called the "root recipe." If you have a food allergy, imagine the main part of the recipe is like a tree trunk, the part everyone can eat, separate the main mixture into two bowls and add the "root ingredients," (the gluten free/non-gluten free ingredient to complete the recipes). The best part is that the gluten free person gets to eat exactly what the non-gluten free people eat.

If you enjoy delicious food, have a food allergy, or your family is food diversified, this book is for you. 

Lucie Cote Contente  uses her experience with multiple food allergies and creates an easier path for others with similar issues. Because her family does not have food allergies, she made sure to create her recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Free and open to all 
Copies will be available for sale and signing

Event Location: 
Collis Family Gallery A (Second Floor)
Collis Family Gallery B (Second Floor)