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Film Workshop: The Art of the Movie Trailer (with snacks!)

I always say, "Don't judge a movie by its trailer." Yet, I do it anyway. What makes a good movie trailer? What makes a bad movie trailer? How can you know what to expect based off the trailer alone? In this lesson, we'll be discussing all the aspects of previews: how they came to be, how they're made, and why they're important. We'll be watching a series of the best (and worst) movie trailers, both new and old, and talk about what makes them worth watching. Examples range from Baby Driver to Spiderman, and Psycho to Vice. Because it's the season of scary, we'll be starting off with some iconic trailers that leave audiences on edge, anticipating more. 

Part one of a series of film classes led by local, award-winning filmmaker, Andrew Gerstenblatt. With snacks!! Check back for more info!

Event Location: 
Westfall Children's Program Room (Second Floor)
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