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Film Class: The Art of Cinematography with Andrew Gerstenblatt

Another edition from local teen filmmaker Andrew Gerstenblatt. Description is as follows:

In film, cinematography is not just the way a camera moves; it involves lighting, framing, composition, and so much more. In this hands-on class on the art of motion pictures, students will, both figuratively and literally, go behind the camera and see what shooting a movie actually looks like. We will discuss shot types, storyboarding, framing, and study what it means to be a Director of Photography. Students will learn the basics and have a chance to operate a real camera, tripod, dolly, boom mic, and slate. We will use shutter speed, ISO, and F-Stop to frame a scene and collaborate to record practice shots, then watch them on the big screen. 

Event Location: 
Westfall Children's Program Room (Second Floor)
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