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Posted by JDavanza on Mon, Jan 26
It’s time to update Barrington’s Comprehensive Plan.  A draft copy for the public to read is available at the library. The comprehensive plan covers all aspects of service and growth in Barrington. It is a road map for the town’s growth in the near future.  If you are interested, check out the draft plan at the library.
Posted by JDavanza on Thu, Jan 22
Not to worry  .  .  .  Spring is just around the corner!  Get a jump start on home improvement and outdoor projects by finding helpful idea listings from A - Z on the Library’s newly aquired research database, Home Improvement Reference Center. You’ll find it by checking out the Library’s databases on our home page.
Posted by JDavanza on Thu, Jan 22
The Library owns 5 circulating copies and one reference copy of J.K. Lasser’s Your Income Tax, 2009 edition. Drop by and consult one, or bring one home.  Look under R 336.2 and 336.2 JKL to locate. The Library also has a selection of Federal Tax Forms and Instruction Booklets for patrons to pick up. For downloadable forms try the IRS website.                               
Posted by JDavanza on Fri, Jan 16
British writer and barrister John Mortimer died today. Mortimer is best known for his literary creation Rumpole of the Bailey, the irascible barrister who quotes Keats, insults judges, defends low lifes, and hides whenever he can from his wife, whom he calls, sotto voce, of course, “she who must be obeyed.” We have lots of John Mortimer’s books and many episodes from the Rumpole television series.  Check them out, in honor of J.M.!
Posted by JDavanza on Fri, Jan 16
This year’s RARI (Reading Across RI) title is Five Skies by Ron Carlson. An excellent article appeared recently in a Newport paper about the book and the author.  Look for the Barrington Library RARI program series, starting in just a few weeks!
Posted by JDavanza on Thu, Jan 15
Event NotebookJanuary 2009 Expert Coming up soon and going on well into the spring, we’ll be bringing in a Professor of Strategy and Policy from the U.S. Naval War College to lecture on The War for American Independence. Dr. Stanley Carpenter is a United States Naval Officer, Active and Reserve since 1979, and an expert on British Military and Naval History and the American Revolutionary War, and if you saw his resume like I did, I can pretty much guarantee that you’d be...
Posted by JDavanza on Mon, Jan 12
Here’s good news from a recent study concerning adult reading. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/01/11/AR2009011102337.html?hpid=features1&hpv=national Actually, we’ve been seeing this positive trend for a while at the library. Our adult reading circulation has been rising steadily for more than a year.  Check out a good book today!
Posted by JDavanza on Fri, Jan 09
Looking for something good to read? Who isn’t? Want to save money? Who doesn’t? Well, the  best deal is borrowing a book from the library. The next best deal? Buying a book at the library’s ongoing book sale.   All books are just 50 cents or a dollar.  And they’re all good books!  All proceeds benefit the library … now that’s a good deal!
Posted by JDavanza on Thu, Jan 08
It’s cold and wintry outside, but a huge smiling sun just got delivered to me in the form of a warm and friendly letter from one of our favorite library users, Mr. Bo Jamiel.  Mr. Jamiel has given the library many generous donations, but what always pleases us most are his kind words and his wonderful sense of humor.  Here’s an excerpt from a recent letter from Mr. Jamiel that made everyone’s day here at the library: “Dear Ms. Barchi and Employees of Barrington Public Library: I’m...
Posted by JDavanza on Wed, Dec 31
The library is closing at 2 PM on Wednesday, December 31, due to storm conditions. We are closed New Year’s Day and will reopen Friday, January 2.


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