Media Conversion

Media conversion services are available for free to all Barrington Public Library card holders. Patrons can now revive old memories locked away on obsolete media formats and enjoy them as .mp3 or .mp4 files. Each patron may submit up to 12 pieces of media per calendar year for conversion under this program.

Current media formats supported include:
  • VHS tape 
  • 8mm tape 
  • MiniDV tape 
  • DVD 
  • Cassette tape 
  • LP (33, 45, 78)

Other media formats may be supported with prior authorization. Please contact the Technology Coordinator at or 401-247-1920 x8 to discuss your specific needs. 

Patrons wishing to use this service may bring their media to any public service desk after completing the following check list:
  1. Gather your media together. It must be in good physical and functional condition
  2. Complete and sign the AV Media Digital Conversion Waiver and Release Agreement*
  3. Complete and sign the AV Media Digital Conversion Request Form*
  4. Obtain a thumb drive or other removable storage to record your converted media to (32GB minimum recommended size).
  5. Place your media, both completed forms, and the removable storage in a clean box or rigid container with a top or cover that is able to be closed properly.
*Copies of both required forms are available at any public service desk
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