Podcasting in Seven Easy Steps: A Video Series

Watch an accomplished line-up of podcasters and radio professionals discuss everything you need to know about how to make podcasts.

Step 1 - What Is a Podcast & Why Make One?

with Jessica D'Avanza and Siobhan Egan from Rhody Radio



Step 2 - How to Build Your Podcast & Give Listeners What They Want

with Kristen Meinzer from the award-winning podcast By the Book



Step 3 - How to Write Scripts That Tell Stories

with Jason Moon from New Hampshire Public Radio



Step 4 - How to Use Your Voice & Create a Persona

with Tom Shaker from WICN Public Radio and Rhody Radio



Step 5 - Tips for Hosting, Co-hosting, and Interviewing Guests

with Ian Donnis from The Public's Radio: Rhode Island Public Radio



Step 6 - Boost Your Stories with Editing, Music, and Sound Clips

with Alex Bowden from WQRI Radio



Step 7 - How to Launch and Promote Your Podcast

with Maggie Taylor from PRX and Radiotopia


Podcasting in Seven Easy Steps is brought to you by Barrington Public Library and Warwick Public Library and is made possible by a grant from the Rhode Island Office of Library & Information Services using funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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