After Anna by Lisa Scottoline

Mon, 06/18/2018 - 2:14pm -- JGranatino

Maggie is married to a widower, Dr. Noah Alderman, and lives with him and his young son Caleb in a comfortable suburb in outside Philadelphia. One day she receives a call from Anna, the daughter she had in her first marriage, having lost custody to her now ex-husband after Maggie was institutionalized for post-partum psychosis. Anna’s father, stepmother and stepbrothers were killed in a plane crash, and Maggie finally has a chance to reunite with her long-lost daughter who stands to inherit a large amount of money. After Anna moves in, the dynamics in the household change and soon Noah is accused of sexual advances towards the teen. Maggie doesn’t want to believe it but when Anna is found strangled on the porch of the house Noah has moved into, he becomes the prime suspect. The novel progresses from each parents’ perspectives through the trial in which Noah is found guilty and sent to prison. In the meantime, Maggie finds our more disturbing information and begins to suspect Anna wasn’t all she pretended to be, and may have even been an imposter. A phone call from Anna’s boarding school brings Maggie frantically searching for the truth which could free her husband. Scottoline keeps the reader guessing until the final chapter in this fast-paced thriller.

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