No Exit by Taylor Adams

Mon, 01/28/2019 - 1:32pm -- JGranatino

College student, Darby Thorne is en route to see her dying mother when a blizzard in the Colorado Rockies forces her to wait out the storm at a rest stop with just a coffee maker and a few vending machines. As luck will have it, she finds herself with no cell phone reception in the company of four strangers. While searching for cell reception outside, she spies a young girl in a cage hidden in the back of one of the other stranded vehicles. Realizing that she must carefully orchestrate her next movements as she does not yet know which person inside the rest stop has kidnapped the girl, Darby weighs her options. Without knowing who she can trust, she puts herself in harm’s way as she sets in motion a plan to save the young girl. A fast- paced riveting thriller packed with twists and turns, Taylor Adams’ No Exit will leave its readers cheering Darby on as she bravely risks all while desperately stopping at nothing to save the kidnapped girl.

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