Staff Curated Book Lists

STAFF CURATED BOOK LISTS (available for download & interactive)

Browse our interactive book & movie lists curated and created by Barrington Library Staff.

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Cozy Mysteries (November 2020)

Family Sagas (November 2020) 

Light Reads (November 2020) 

New Fiction You May Have Missed (Nov 2020) 

Disaster & Post-Apocalyptic Fiction (November 2020)

Amish Fiction - Modest Romance & Mystery (December 2020) 

Reece's Hello Sunshine 2020 Book Club Picks (December 2020) 

Read with Jenna 2020 Book Club Picks (December 2020) 

Holiday Reads (December 2020)

Book Club Picks (Dec 2020) 

Winter Reads for Cozy Nights (Dec 2020) 

New Historical Fiction (Jan 2021) 

Audiobooks You Won't Want to Miss (Jan 2021) 

New in Short Stories (Jan 2021) 

Books to Read if you Loved Bridgerton (Jan 2021) 

2021 Book-to-Screen Adaptations (Jan 2021) 

Books You Can Read in a Weekend (Feb 2021)

New Fiction You May Have Missed (Feb 2021) 

Sisterly Love (Feb 2021) 

If you Watched Firefly Lane (Feb 2021) 

Debut Novels (Mar 2021)

Mystery/Thrillers (Mar 2021) 

Spring Forward With Us (Mar 2021) 

Fantasy Series Starters (Mar 2021) 

Road Trip Reads (Mar 2021)

Audie Award Winners (Mar 2021)

Pulitizer Prize Winners (Mar 2021)

National Book Award Winners (Mar 2021)

Rhode Island Reads (Apr 2021)

New Short Stories (Apr 2021)

The Four Winds Readalikes (Apr 2021)

Hugo Award Finalists (Apr 2021)

Book Club Favorites (Apr 2021)


Go Along For the Ride (May 2021)

Space Opera (May 2021) 

Graphic Novels (May 2021)

Audiobook Month (June 2021) 

LatinX Authors (June 2021) 


Summer Reads (June 2021)


Pride Month (June 2021)



Religious Studies for Children (November 2020)

What is Religion? (November 2020) 

New Nonfiction You May Have Missed (Nov 2020) 

Biographies, Autobiographies, & Memoirs (Dec 2020) 

New in Travelogues (Dec 2020) 

Pick Up & Knit (Jan 2021) 

Birding for the Curious (Jan 2021) 

The Art of the Heist (Jan 2021) 

Race in America (Jan 2021) 

Cook it Fast, Cook it Slow (Feb 2021) 

DIY - Do It Yourself (Feb 2021) 

Civil Rights Nonfiction (Feb 2021) 

New Nonfiction (Feb 2021)

Gardening (Mar 2021) 


Self-Care (Mar 2021)


New in Memoirs (Mar 2021)

Humor (Mar 2021)

Home Improvement (Mar 2021)

Financial Literacy (Apr 2021)

Let's Go Outside (Apr 2021)

Autism Awareness Month (Apr 2021)

Earth Day (Apr 2021)

Mental Health Awareness (May 2021) 

Investing (May 2021)

Pride Month (June 2021)



Holiday Movies (November 2020)

The Musicals You Love (Feb 2021)

Biopics (Mar 2021)


Science Fiction Films (Mar 2021) 

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