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Posted by JDavanza on Wed, Mar 19
On Keeping a Reading Diary       My visionary friend Louise Blalock often asks people she cares about to give her a baby picture of themselves, and to describe a “lost book” from their childhood.  “Everyone has one”, she’d say, “that wonderful book whose story you remember but whose title and author are lost to time.  You’d give anything to find it again but the way to it is lost.”       Like most people, I have one.  It is a story about a girl growing up on an island off the coast of...
Posted by JDavanza on Tue, Mar 18
It’s coming. Just like you remember it from childhood.  May 18. Really.
Posted by JDavanza on Tue, Mar 18
What do you think of when you think “Spring”?  Gardening? Outdoor exercise? Spring cleaning? Strawberry shortcake?  What ever springs to mind, you are sure to find a book, magazine, or even movie about it–at the library!
Posted by JDavanza on Wed, Mar 12
Take a look at a collection of Lawn and Garden books currently on display in the new magazine section on the main floor of the Library.  Checking out a few of these beautiful and helpful gardening books will give you a welcome preview of spring and summer!
Posted by JDavanza on Mon, Mar 10
Yes, the movie was powerful, but the book No Country for Old Men will knock your socks off!  Check it out–at the library!
Posted by JDavanza on Mon, Mar 10
Award winning poet Michele Cooper will be reading from her recently published book Posting the Watch at the library on Tuesday, March 18 at 7PM.  Michele is well-known in Rhode Island as editor of The Newport Review and the Crone’s Nest and for her tireless encouragement of poets, both new and experienced.  Welcome Michele back to RI and enjoy her wonderful poems!
Posted by JDavanza on Wed, Mar 05
Spring is almost here, and one of the best outdoor opportunites we have here in Barrington is access to the wonderful East Bay Bike Path.  But did you know that public bike paths and bike-friendly roads have a long and interesting history or that the creation of bike paths is sometimes complicated by social and political issues?  Since the bike path is so important in Barrington, you might enjoy reading a recent book specifically about the place of bikes and bike riders in...
Posted by JDavanza on Mon, Mar 03
Playaways are here! Well, only 10 of them… we’re trying out this new item, and we need your help.  Tell us if you like them. . . tell us if you want more! Playaways are self-contained audio-books.  The “catch” is that we provide you with the Playaway, but you’ll have to provide the battery and the headphones (we sell re-usable headphones for $1.00).  You see, we really, really don’t want to get into the battery replacement (or battery recharging) business, and these...
Posted by JDavanza on Thu, Feb 28
Who says there’s no time to read?  This year–Leap Year– we’ve got an extra day! Check out the new books, and don’t forget old favorites in our special displays and in the book stacks!
Posted by JDavanza on Mon, Feb 25
LIFE CAN CHANGE AT THE LIBRARY!! Recently a woman approached the Reference Desk and asked if anyone knew how she could contact local area animal shelters, dog pounds or any other source that could help her and her husband find a dog, preferably of a smaller size as all their attempts had been met by people offering breeds that were much larger than they could handle. We referred them to the current edition of the Barrington Times and informed that usually a pet was highlighted each week in...


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