Barrington Public Library is OPEN with limited hours, capacity, and services.


Virtual BYOB Game

Play Bring Your Own Book! All you need is a book. ANY book you have laying around. Players search through books for text to take out of context using the prompts given.  We will judge the best response as a group. Person with the most points at the end will receive a free book in the mail or for pick-up. We have some great ones to choose from!

Welcome to The 10th Annual Hunger Games Challenge!

Barrington Public Library is looking to sponsor five tributes! Will it be you? Create a costume for your imagined district. The chosen ones will receive a brand new copy of the Hunger Games Prequel. How will you receive it? That is for us to know and for you to find out. Please fill out the form below by May 15. Winning entries will be based on creativity and originality. Selected tributes will be notified on May 19 with further instructions.

 Entry Form:

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